Vic and Bob Paper People Free Paper Toys Download

Vic and Bob Paper People Free Paper Toys Download


Vic and Bob Paper People Free Paper Toys DownloadThese two are Vic and Bob (Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer), a British comedy double act, the papercrafts created by sally. They have written and starred in several comedy programmes on British television since 1990, with Vic having made his first TV appearance in 1986.

Reeves and Mortimer's unique comedy combines surreal, often inexplicable, visually and verbally inventive material which often verges on the downright bizarre with traditional comedy double act staples such as violent, cartoonish slapstick, witty, often improvised silly banter and purposefully corny, rapid-fire jokes.

It is all infused with an anarchic energy and a deliberate, knowingly exaggerated "edge" to the performance. Their act is more versatile than many double acts who rely on the straight man/funny man dynamic. Often Mortimer will be the exasperated foil to Reeves' eccentric buffoon, or Reeves will play blankly bemused or annoyed to a manic or hyperactive Mortimer.

They forged a status for themselves as "the alternatives to alternative comedy" in the late 1980s and early 90s, and to this day inhabit a comedic universe all of their own, while still managing to exert an influence on British comedy.

In a 2005 poll The Comedian's Comedian, the duo were voted the 9th greatest comedy act ever by fellow comedians and comedy insiders. [Source: wiki]

You can download the papercraft toys here: Vic and Bob Paper People Free Paper Toys Download