Vandalia State House Building Paper Model Free Download

Vandalia State House Building Paper Model Free Download


Vandalia State House Building Paper Model Free DownloadThis building paper model is the Vandalia State House, it is from the illinoishistory original website. There are 12 pages for this building card model. The Vandalia State House, the fourth Illinois statehouse, served as the capitol from 1836 until 1839 and is the oldest surviving capitol building in the state. The first (1818-1820) was at Kaskaskia, the state’s first capital. The second (1820-1823), third (1824-1836), and fourth (1836-1839) were at Vandalia. The fifth (1839-1876) is in Springfield and is preserved as the Old State Capitol State Historic Site. The sixth is the current capitol (1876-present) in Springfield.

The Vandalia State House is significant for its association with Abraham Lincoln, who served in the House of Representatives. In 1974 the State House was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Located in the center of a city block in downtown Vandalia, the State House is a two-story structure of painted brick. Porticoes on the north and south sides of the “restored” building reproduce those added in the 1850s. The first floor contains a large entry hall and rooms representing the offices of the Auditor, Treasurer, and Secretary of State, as well as the Supreme Court chamber. The second floor is composed of a central hall and recreated House and Senate chambers, each of which contains a visitor gallery reached by staircases.

The square on which the building is located is handsomely landscaped, with many trees. A large statue, the “Madonna of the Trail,” owned by the Daughters of the American Revolution and dedicated in 1928, is located on the southwest corner. It commemorates Vandalia as the official terminus of the historic National Road.

Visitors are offered guided tours through the building or can view the historically furnished rooms on their own. Informational signs describing each room are located in the hall. A small exhibit in the first floor hall outlines Abraham Lincoln’s connection with the State House. From May through September, interpreters are in 1830s period dress Thursday through Sunday. The building's first floor is accessible to persons with disabilities; the second floor is not. Vandalia Statehouse co-hosts event including an annual “Lincoln Birthday Observance” (February 12) in the Supreme Court chamber, “The Grande Levee” in June, and a Christmas open house in December that features guided tours of the candlelit building. Contact site for details. Programs are supported by the Friends of the Old State Capitol.

Tipps for building:
1) For the most relaxed and enjoyable model building experience be sure to allow enough time. The cutting and assembling takes time and you will find it easier to allow some elements to dry before you glue adjacent items. Teachers may wish to break a class project into smaller multiple-day components.
2) Print the model pages out in color onto cardstock. Normal weight paper will be too flimsy. Larger, more challenging buildings like this one can take many sheets of cardstock. This model requires 12; while the Old State Capitol requires a substantial 41 sheets (not for the faint-hearted). Smaller less complex buildings are better for first-time or younger builders. Of the Build Your Own Lincoln Sites, the Shastid House, the Thomas Lincoln home, and the Berry-Lincoln Store each only require 2 sheets; most of the Build Your Own Main Street buildings take 2-5 sheets of cardstock.
3) Although not required, you may wish to print out a second plain-paper copy as a reference guide. Once you start cutting out your cardstock model pieces you may find it helpful to be able to read all of the notes and arrows on a second, uncut, plain-paper copy.
4) Use sharp scissors or a slim, handled, craft-knife when cutting. When using a craft-knife place some kind of protective layer below your project to protect your table or desk. A metal straight-edge will assist when you cut with a craft-knife. The cork-backed ones are less likely to slip when cutting.
5) Although standard white “school” glues will work, some similar “craft” opaque white glues dry more quickly and with less warping. Clear plastic-model glues, rubber cement, or glue sticks don’t work as well.
6) When gluing, lightly glue the tabs only, not the receiving surface. Be careful not to use too much glue or the paper may warp or pucker.
7) Let the model dry after gluing each piece before attempting the next. You may find that you prefer to space construction out over more than one day.[via illinoishistory]

You can download this house paper model from here: Vandalia State House Building Paper Model Free Download