Valkyria Chronicles II - Edelweiss Tank Free Paper Model Download

Valkyria Chronicles II - Edelweiss Tank Free Paper Model Download


Valkyria Chronicles II - Edelweiss Tank Free Paper Model DownloadThis paper model is an Edelweiss, a medium tank and the main tank of Squad 7, based on the game Valkyria Chronicles II, the papercraft was created by Valkyria2 original site. The Edelweiss originally fielded by General Gunther and piloted by Theimer, it was launched once more at the start of EWII by Welkin Gunther and Isara Gunther, the children of General Gunther and Theimer, respectively.

Designed and constructed by Isara's late father, Theimer, this tank's 360-degree rotating turret, fully automated loading system and other innovations completely revolutionized tank technology. Built to be operated by two, Welkin mans the guns and issues commands to Isara who is in control of both the wheel and wireless radio.

Despite its age, it was among the first to use angled plating and other emergent concepts, yielding high performance from an early test stage. Its high cost was all that precluded its mass production.

After being assigned to Squad 7, it was driven and maintained by Isara as a mobile command platform for Welkin. Five months into the war care of the tank was given to Kreis Czherny, who drove it for the remainder. In the anime, it was Zaka who drove and became the mechanic of the Edelweiss instead of Kreis.

The Edelweiss is a single turreted design, possessing an 8.8cm gun of 40 calibers length for its main armament that is capable of defeating virtually any Imperial tank at standard combat ranges as well as effectively engaging infantry and fortifications, and a co-axially mounted 12.7mm (0.50 inch) heavy machine gun for use against un-armoured and lightly armoured targets. It is equipped with an automatic loading system for the main gun. There are two hatches on the turret, one on top as part of the cupola for the commander and another at the rear of the turret for loading ammunition, disposal of used shell cartridges and as an escape route.

Frontal armour protection is expected to be great for its thickness with the rounded glacis and the vehicle likely enjoys decent all around protection. There is room enough for a dedicated driver and dedicated wireless operator. It has been modified to waterproof the entire unit for submerged fording. The engine is not the original with which the tank was outfitted and it is currently equipped with an 800 horsepower (597kW) Ragnoline turbine engine which may have been designed for small naval patrol boats and fast attack craft.

A pair of drive sprockets at the front of the tank propel each tread and there are six road wheels on each side. Its suspension is unknown, but is most likely torsion bar given the layout. A similar suspension layout is used by comparable post-war Gallian tanks that equip the Loyalist and GRA forces. While it may enjoy unparalleled speed the unit may suffer mobility issues with its weight versus the width of its treads on softer ground.

While being designed for operation by two it appears as though the Edelweiss is capable of more efficient operation by three as indicated by the hatch to the starboard of the pilot’s hatch and quite likely a fourth to act as gunner and free the commander up to direct the crew. Given the advanced technology and concepts of the tank it is possible Theimer and other engineers designed the vehicle expecting that it would be simplified for mass production, but show what Gallia was capable of building at a later date when improved and cost effective technology became readily available. Such simplifications and expectations could include a bow mounted machine gun and using a standard 7.92mm machine gun in the co-axial mount, deletion of the automatic loading system and replacement by a fifth crew member, simplified armour layout, and equipping the chassis with different and lighter standard main armaments while retaining the same turret ring for heavier armament if necessary.

Valkyria Chronicles II (Valkyria of the Battlefield 2: Gallian Royal Military Academy) is a tactical role-playing game developed and published by Sega for the PlayStation Portable. Released in 2010, it is the sequel to Valkyria Chronicles.

Set two years after the onset of the Second Europan War, the game's story focuses on a military academy as its cadets seek to prevent an ethnic cleansing campaign by a ruthless rebel group. Upon release, Valkyria Chronicles II received mostly high scores from several notable video game publications.

A third game in the series, Valkyria Chronicles III, which is also on the PlayStation Portable, was released on January 27, 2011 in Japan. However, as the game takes place around the same time as the first game, it is a prequel to Valkyria Chronicles II.

The game's story takes place two years following the conclusion of Valkyria Chronicles, in which Squad 7 defeats Maximillian in Gallia and destroys the Marmota, ending the Second Europan War. A rebel group of dissatisfied aristocrats and like-minded soldiers and citizens calling themselves the Gallian Revolutionary Army begins a civil war to wage an ethnic cleansing campaign against Gallians of Darcsen descent. However, with the intense fight against the Empire having left Gallia's regular army in an exhausted state, there is initially little to stop the insurrection from gaining momentum. Laws preventing the formation of a national militia to fight fellow Gallians force the government to deploy military academy cadets to the front lines in order to combat and defeat the GRA forces.

Among the students sent out on the field is 17-year-old Avan Hardins, a young man who enrolled in Lanseal Military Academy after the death of his older brother, Leon.

Avan meets two noticeable people in particular during his entrance exam: Zeri, and Cosette. Avan is elected Class Chair. The three of them are placed in Class G and start academy life. At the end of the first month, rebels attack the village of Arlem and Class G destroy their tank to stop them.

The class enters the Levatain Cup, a tournament held in the school, but most of Avan's classmates are unmotivated and do not believe that they can win. However, they win the Quarter-Final which raises their morale, but Juliana, the chair of Class A, says that they cannot win the final and they are the worst class in the school. During March, it is revealed that there are four people leading the rebels: Gilbert Gassenarl, his son Baldren, his daughter Audrey and a mysterious person known as Dirk who does not seem to be human. Class G is ordered to escort a VIP but they are attacked by rebels and battle Dirk.

A mysterious girl appears with a woman wearing a labcoat and destroys the rebel forces, helping Class G win the battle. It is revealed that the VIP is Archduchess Cordelia who is visiting villages to see the extent of the damage and help the villagers. Class G liberates a Darcsen village which is under attack by rebel forces led by Baldren Gassenarl. He is ordered to fall back by his father. However he is suspicious about the mysterious girl and thinks that she is a new model of Artificial Valkyrur. He orders Dirk to see him. Back in the Darcsen village, Zeri is affected by the killings of Darcsens and says that he will become a hero to get Gallians to accept Darcsens.

Avan and Cosette meet Aliasse who says that she is a real Valkyria, and Cosette helps her plant a flower called Lion's Paw. Yuell is attacked by rebels and Cosette seems to be affected by this: Yuell is her hometown and where her parents were murdered. Avan says that they can help the army, but Zeri tries to stop them saying that they cannot win. Avan accuses Zeri of cowardice and leaves with Cosette. Zeri changes his mind and gets the rest of Class G to help them. They defeat Audrey Gassenarl and retake Yuell. Class G wins the Levatain finals, but their celebrations are interrupted by a rebel attack.

The rebels steal research data from the old campus and fight the Lanseal forces. Class G are aided by Juliana who has turned into a Valkyria. She fights Dirk. During the fight, Dirk's helmet comes off and he is actually Leon. However, he does not seem to be himself and orders the forces to retreat. Juliana is mortally wounded and dies after telling Zeri that she hoped that they could rebuild Gallia together and giving him her bracelet as a good-luck charm. Professor Brixham, the teacher of Classs G, realizes that the Headmaster was experimenting on students and that is why Leon and Juliana were turned in Valkyria.

The Headmaster seems to have become crazy with grief after the research data is stolen and he commits suicide after throwing Brixham and Avan out and locking the Old Campus door. Avan and Cosette meet Aliasse again and the Lion's Paw flower Aliasse planted has grown. The woman in a labcoat comes and crushes the flower, saying that any organism that is for just decorative purpose is useless. Her name is Clementia Forster. She orders Aliasse to come away with her but Aliasse wants to stay with Avan and Cosette. Forster threatens to shoot Avan, but when he doesn't back down she leaves Aliasse, saying that Aliasse will never get a normal life. Avan and Cosette take Aliasse to Class G and Cosette tells Aliasse that she will be like a big sister for Aliasse and will make sure that Aliasse will get a normal life. Aliasse joins Class G. Randgriz, the capital, falls and Gilbert Gassenarl becomes the Archduke, arresting and imprisoning Cordelia. However, his intention to make Gallia far too dependent on the Federation is opposed by Baldren. Baldren shoots Gilbert and claims the title of Archduke by himself.

He orders Audrey to take a squad of V2s and attack Anthold Harbour. Class G, led by Avan and Zeri make a plan and blow up the aqueduct, causing a flood and destroying the rebel force - also killing Audrey and destroying her tank, Geriolul. Baldren is furious when he receives the news of his sister's death. He decides to flee to the Federation for the time being and claim the throne of the Federation Council. He boards the Dandarius along with Townshend, who is now more of a hostage, and tries to flee. Avan sees them and orders Class G to battle them. He uses his bird Jarde to send a letter to Cordelia, who has regained the title of Archduchess, to mobilize the Gallian Navy and attack the Dandarius. At the harbour, Class G fights Dirk, but when they are about to lose Aliasse turns into a Valkyria, saying that Class G are her friends and she will not let Dirk hurt them. She fights Dirk and mortally wounds him. Dirk turns into his human self, Leon, again, but there is no hope for his survival. He tells Avan to forget that he had an older brother, but Avan says that he will never forget. Leon succumbs to his wounds and Aliasse apologizes, but Avan tells her that she set him free. When defeat for the rebels is near, Baldren uses the research data he has taken to turn himself into a Valkyrur. Class G defeats him and he says that they themselves stripped their nation of its defences and there is no hope for Gallia to survive now. The Dandarius sinks and the rebels are finished. Gallia starts to rebuild itself again. However, Lanseal Academy has to be closed due to the news of experimentation of students. Class G holds a graduation ceremony and Avan says that he will see his friends again in the future.

You can download the paper model template here: Valkyria Chronicles II - Edelweiss Tank Free Paper Model Download