Can Paper Cut Wood #HowToCutWoodWithPaper

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    Can Paper Cut Wood?

    This I redefines "Can Paper Cut Wood", I guess.

    And this is not really a practical application, which was interesting.

    Moreover, "How To Cut Wood With Paper" since the paper he used to do was nothing out of the ordinary - a regular printer paper with no special treatment.

    At this time of year is added (it was hot and humid, making quite boring with moisture paper), it is surprising that it works at all.

    Anyway, here's a video that shows how it was:

    A very clear cut.

    It is so soft, reflected in:

    A small burn on the piece, but as gently:

    Of course, that as much as 16 times the speed of video under the cut where I think I am, so it is not the fastest way to make a cut!
    I have another "Blade" not tested on a piece of aluminum, but more or less just wearing polished front edge.

    The abrasiveness of paper on wood works well, but can not compete with some.


    Cutting wood with paper / How To Cut Wood With Paper

    A bullet can be fired by the board of candle grease.

    Developed by a cyclone penetrate a straw on a tree.

    A stream of water under high pressure, the skin of the hand of a man breaking.

    Slowly rotating a copper disc can be cut by a cutting tool steel; But if it is rotated at high speed and the tool will cut to go.

    From these data the following tests on the ability of paper cutting.

    Everyone knows that the hand was badly cut paper; But the only hard material such as wood, paper from discovering whether the cut would be.

    Scientific American, a page of a disk, with a diameter of 10 or 11 inches in size was cut and pasted to the paper in its center is a wooden spool.

    An electrical protection and fan, was abolished and bored out reel armor would fit nicely on bass.

    With the tip of a blunt wood screw securely against blade shaft is threaded through the spool.

    The stream was launched, and spinning a pencil lightly on the edge of the paper is carried out.

    rigid paper timber centrifugal force sufficient to keep the piece of paper, and instead of making a clean cut with a file as if the wood is scratched.

    Fan made about 2,000 revolutions per minute, but the rate should be doubled for such thin paper.

    Good results, a cardboard disc with a small diameter pulp is obtained, half an inch projected on the periphery so that the edge of cardboard paper.

    This was a light wooden pencil.

    Fig 180 -.

    Cardboard for cutting a disc with a pencil.

    181 Fig.

    - Scientific American as a cutting tool.

    But the three-layer cardboard cutter blade, which is generally based on that patent office is preparing for the draw made.

    The carton was reduced very quickly with a pencil, and cut very thin and clean.

    When he reached the pencil lead, great progress is slow because the cutter worked as a lubricant graphite.

    Or paper or paperboard using any material showed wear.


    181, Bristol-board cut looks to make a cut in the foreground of a pencil, which had been cut in two by the paper.

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