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    My collection of Legend of Zelda papercraft I've built through the years.
    Link, Zelda, Epona, Goron, Wind Waker Link, Rupee Moneybag, Ocarina, Piece of Heart, Navi the Fairy, Triforce, Spritual Stones, Majoras Mask.

    Note: I didn't design any of these, I just built them.
    Download and build your own here:
    Ninjatoes Link, Zelda, and Majora's Mask.



    Wind Waker Link:

    Rupee Moneybag (Adult Wallet) :


    Piece of Heart and Full Heart:

    Navi the Fairy:


    Spritual Stones:

    Others that I haven't done, but are cool
    Great site full of links to Zelda 64 ppc!

    Rupee collection:

    Standing Goron:


    Skull Kid from Majora's Mask:

    Adult Link from Super Smash Bros.:


    And here's another link with some great Nintendo ppc!

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