Easy Meowth DIY - Pokemon Bookmark Corners - Origami Inspired - Pokemon Go

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    This video is about Easy Meowth DIY - Pokemon Bookmark Corners - Origami Inspired - Pokemon Go! I have had SO MANY requests for different Pokemon Go Characters, that I have decided to do a special Pokemon Bookmark DIY series.

    7 Days.

    7 Pokemon DIYs.

    These are in ADDITION to our regular non Pokemon DIYs! If you are new to the channel, do have a browse, we aim to make crafts, easy and fun.


    More Pokemon Go DIYs: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2vt_TPKQbZpkx7bXXYByhnHoujBCo8hi
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    Great for Back to School crafting.

    Make these adorable Eevee bookmarks for all your friends and family.

    They are great little gifts to make and gift and perfect for all stationary lovers!!! If you love Pokemon Go, you will love these Pokemon Go DIYs.

    The perfect Pokemon How To made from paper!

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    Help us caption & translate this video!


    Help us caption & translate this video!


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