3D origami Chinese dragon tutorial Gyarados (video with a surprise ending)

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    3D origami blue Chinese dragon tutorial, pokemon Gyarados (video with a surprise ending)
    Step by step production, master class

    We show how to make dragon (gyarados the pokemon) out of paper.

    This is a work of authorship Oksana Vershigora specifically for our channel.
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    We need to assemble blue Chinese dragon 422 pieces size of 1/32.

    The dragon’s height is 18 cm.

    The dragon’s length is 46 cm.

    We need:
    158 white, 262 blue and 2 black pieces (1/32nd).

    How to make such triangles see here: http://youtu.be/XUC2E9E5Jbs

    0:17 Make 3 blue, 2 white (alternately).

    White pieces put on upside down

    1:30 Make 120 rows: 60 blue and 60 white

    1:52 Take over the other side and make the tail

    2:07 1 white, 2 blue

    2:44 1 white, 2 blue

    3:09 And third time 1 white, 2 blue

    3:36 1 blue put on as white and 2 blue as usually

    3:54 overturn and make 1, 2, and 1 blue long side up

    4:39 and 6 blue one by one

    5:17 We put two blue pieces.

    Make like “the wings"

    5:44 1, 2, 3, 4, 3, 2, 1 white

    7:26 Make the head short side of pieces up (SSU)

    7:46 2 blue, 3 blue, 2 blue, 3 blue, white, 2 blue, white, 3 blue

    8:42 2 white at the edges, 2 black LSU, 1 blue SSU

    9:08 2 white at the edges, 2 blue, 3 blue

    9:48 Make the horns and complete the head

    11:34 Making the right paws of 9 blue and 3 white in each

    12:31 Make the left paws.

    This is different from the right only in the last piece

    13:46 Bend the dragon's body and fix it with glue

    15:07 glue the paws and the head

    15:32 Chinese dragon is ready!

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    And now you know how to make blue Chinese dragon in the art 3D origami (modular origami).

    Use this video as a master class in the assembly blue Chinese dragon.

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