Origami $1 Ninja Butterfly

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    My apologies if I offended anyone in addressing a delicate issue via satire.

    As a YouTuber I continually receive a lot of "that's so gay" comments.

    My intention in intro skit was not to perpetuate that type of insult, but rather to nudge people away from viewing gay people in a negative light.

    I first presented the mean guy "that's so gay" mentality, quickly following it with the sweet nice guy alternative point of view expressing gay as a positive term.

    This was my light-hearted approach to addressing anti-gay sentiment by giving people a new, hopefully more positive, outlook on what "gay" means.

    I wouldn't consider myself an activist, but anti-discrimination is an important topic to me.

    For six months preceding and following the gay marriage Supreme Court decision, my Facebook icon was an origami heart with and equality sign (that I designed) which expresses my solidarity with the movement to secure equal rights for gay people.

    In my opinion, changing the negative stigma surrounding gay people happens, not by avoiding the topic, but rather by portraying gay-ness in a positive light, and that is what I was aiming for in this video.

    If you feel I missed the mark then I'm sorry, but at least now you know what my intentions were.

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