How To Make CREEPER GRENADES (4th of July Special) Minecraft Papercraft

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    Previous Exploding Creeper Here:

    These Grenades are made from a mini papercraft creeper filled with
    pop its and gun powder! Any kind of explosive powder is ok.

    I used the powder in gun cap reloads because it was the cheapest and closest to me.

    Materials Used:

    (WARNING: During this tutorial, i will pry out gunpowder from the gun caps.

    Please take extra caution while doing this.

    Use a very sharp needle and if you tried using a toothpick like me, it will pop on you and you could easily hurt yourself.

    Be prepared, the pop is very loud and the plasic will melt letting the needle go through and stab your finger.

    Not saying making this is extremely dangerious, but it could cause small injuries for young children.

    Throw on the ground at a distance and seriously, dont throw at it your mom.)


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