Easy origami rose instructions ♥ How to make an origami ROSE

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    Easy origami rose instructions ♥ How to make an origami ROSE

    The rose is the national flower of England and the United States.

    Roses have many flower meanings acording to their color and number of roses in a bouquet, but all roses symbolize love and appreciation though.
    A rose that is red represents ""i love you"", while red rose buds are a way to express love for the first time.

    Six red roses means “i adore you”, fifteen red roses means “i’m sorry”, twenty-five red roses means “congratulation”, fifty red roses means “i love you no matter what”, hundred red roses means “im devoted to you”, and finally 108 red roses means “ will you marry me?”
    And so on .....................................
    In this video, I will instructions Easy origami rose.
    ♥ I will show you how to make beauty origami flowers.

    Wish you success then, hope you see more videos:

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