How To Screen Print T Shirts Using Hand Cut Paper Stencils

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    Screenprinting: Learn How To Screen Print Tee Shirts At Home

    How To Screen Print Using Hand Cut Paper Stencils

    Please visit and take advantage of the free screen printing educational materials.

    The website is being designed to support and supplement the YouTube educational videos.

    The website will contain all the information not in the videos and more.

    Screen Printing Supplies:

    You will find the definition to the following screen printing terms on the website:

    Screen Emulsion Scoop coater Light Table or Exposure Unit Artwork Coverage Mesh or Fabric Mesh Count Frame Newton Halftone Stencil Thickness Durometer Plastisol Ink Film or Film Positive Substrate Vacuum Cured Emulsion Water Soluble Washout Booth Flood and Stroke Belt Dryer Cured Ink Flash Cure Spray Adhesive Pick Up Resolution Printing Wet Under Base Registration Pre Shrinking Light Table or Exposure Unit Vacuum Blanket Color Composite Outline Continuous Tones Halftone or Grayscale Four Color Process Spot Color Spot And Dot "Printer" or Platen Knocked Out Crest Degrease Abrade Mesh Prep or Degreaser Micro Grit Scoop coater Stirring Stick Substrate Side Ink Well

    Learn and read all about:

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