PaperCut Print Archiving

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    "Behind the scenes of Print Archiving" coming soon.

    Most organizations have control around the flow of sensitive information such email retention, web audit logs, restrictions on use of thumb drives, and cloud storage..

    But what about printing? Printing may be a large hole in your data management practice.

    Of course PaperCut in its default configuration will record information about print jobs such as the document name, but what about the document content itself? This is now possible with Print archiving.

    Print archiving is an optional security feature and is disabled until activated by a trusted administrator through the admin console.

    Archiving can only be accessed by approved administrators.

    When print archiving is configured new view settings are available in the job log.

    In the expanded list view you can see thumbnails in the left column displaying recent printing, these are generated in real-time as printing occurs.

    With Print archiving you can see the content of print jobs when they're printed in real time.

    You can scroll through multi-page documents and zoom.

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