Professional Organization Printing Workflow with PaperCut

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    This screencast demonstrates the benefits of using PaperCut in an organization such as an Engineering, Graphic Design, Marketing, Legal or Accounting Firm to allocate printing costs to projects or clients (shared accounts).

    When printing, PaperCut actively prompts the user with a pop-up window to select an account to charge.

    This pop-up has many features that make it easy to find the right account, such as keyword searching, project/client codes or a list of favorite accounts (bookmarks).

    Other highlights include sub accounts (hierarchy), ability to leave a comment, change invoicing and charge rate options, all of which can be controlled by the system administrator.

    All selections are recorded in PaperCut's main database and this information can be used for reporting.

    Reports can take many forms including invoice reports or billing reports in PDF and XLS format.

    Reports can be automatically scheduled for emailing to the accounts person at the end of each month.

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