PaperCut Mobile Print Release Application

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    A point of view demonstration of the interface and functionality of the PaperCut Mobile Print Release application.

    In a standard print environment a user's job prints immediately and may accidentally be collected by another user.

    Document security is an important requirement in the modern print environment.

    This problem is usually addressed with print release by implementing dedicated release stations, embedded MFD applications, or specialist hardware.

    PaperCut's Mobile Print Release provides an alternate cost effective solution that leverages the powerful devices that exist in almost everyone's pocket - the smart phone.


    * Release held jobs from any print queue with Hold/Release enabled

    * Works on all modern mobile phones

    * Simple intuitive interface, optimized for touch screens

    * Designed to work with most modern mobiles and tablet devices

    * Quickly locate printers with keyword searching (location, name or code)

    * Can be used in environments with Find Me Printing configured, giving the user ultimate control over where and when their jobs are released

    * Support for QR code printer location/lookup

    For more information about copier control, print management and PaperCut MF visit:

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