Stop motion animation paper cut outs "See you again" by Kirstie Smith

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    This is my final piece of animation created in my final year of my Ba Hons animation degree at Sheffield Hallam University.

    I created this piece of work to help everybody who has ever lost a loved one and believes in afterlife.

    To all the people who do not know much about animation.

    This animation was created using thousands of photographs taken on a Nikon camera and placed next to one another.

    The characters are made from water color paper, a pencil and a fine liner.

    The voice of the mum:
    Played by my good friend Hollie-Mae Janes.

    Thank you so much.

    The voice of the little girl:
    Played by a very special little girl Kiara Plant age 6.

    Daughter of my best friend Fay Plant.

    Thank you so much.

    Kiara was amazing.

    The music: "Somewhere only we know" played by an amazing pianist known as Noviscore.

    Thank you Noviscore for allowing me to use your music.

    The Poem written by myself:

    Love is the most powerful force in the world,
    Love is what bought us our special little girl.
    This is a poem to my special little sweet,
    About how you came along and made our lives complete.
    Watching you grow was the best gift given,
    You truly are a little present from heaven.
    We wanted to give you the best life we could,
    We promised you that and promised you we would.
    The memories we made will be in our hearts forever,
    Oh why so soon did you have to be taken back to heaven?

    Dying doesn't hurt mummy and there isn't any pain,
    It's just like stepping off a platform onto a heaven choo choo train.
    You wondered whether I was watching when you said goodbye,
    I could see everything, I was happy; there was no need to cry.
    Mummy please don't think you have been punished,
    I'm happy here, my life hasn't finished.
    And Daddy please don't cry at work,
    I'm here with you, please don't feel hurt.
    I know you will feel pain for years and years,
    So I will pour down my love to wipe away your tears.
    With all my love I sent you a gift,
    To brighten up your world and help you live.

    Life is a journey mummy please enjoy every day
    I know I'm waiting for you in heaven,
    You will I promise,
    See me again.

    Thank you for watching.

    Kirstie Smith

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