Papercut: The Tale of Two Damaged Goods ft Matina Sous Peau (Pockets of Silence) [TSOE]

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  • Uploaded 4 years ago in the category Paper Cutting Video Tutorials

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    Pockets of Silence Album Credits

    Maiken Sundby vocals on Storm
    Jennie Kapadai vocals on Tinman
    Tareq vocals on Cole Porter
    Kid Moxie vocals on Your favourite Song and Not the End
    Matina Sous Peau vocals on The Tale of Two Damaged Goods
    Kristin Mainhart vocals on Adrift
    Gadless vocals on Shadow of a Man
    Aliki Avdelopoulou vocals on Last Day That I Didn’t Love You, Thymisou Ton Septemvri
    and backing vocals on Cole Porter
    Efi Theologou vocals on Better Skies
    Quentin North guitars on Tinman, The Tale of Two Damaged Goods,
    Shadow of a Man and Last Day That I Didn’t Love You
    All other instruments by Papercut
    Music & Lyrics by Papercut,
    except Tinman, Music by Papercut, Lyrics by Maria Naki
    and Thymisou Ton Septemvri
    Music by Giannis Spanos, Lyrics by Giorgos Papastefanou
    Engineered by Manos Konstantinidis
    Mixed by Papercut & Manos Konstantinidis
    Mastered by George Deligiannis @ Mb3 Mastering
    Photos by Aris Triferis
    Artwork by Matina Sous Peau

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    Published by Timespace Music Publishing

    The Tale of Two Damaged Goods Lyrics

    Once there was a boy so lonely
    Once there was this child
    And all his feelings he would hide
    He slept all day, stayed up all night
    Once there was this girl of sorrows
    She would love to say hello
    But all she did was say goodbye
    Everyone thought she was alright
    Once there was this boy of silence
    Once there was this girl
    For years they lived their lives apart
    So far from love and close to none
    But once those two did meet,
    They both said
    “Come don’t be afraid
    There is so much life we can claim
    We are damaged goods
    But that’s ok”

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