Papercut Zedd ft Troye Sivan Lyric Video | Happy birthday Troye Sivan!

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    Hello there! As you can see I made a lyric video of "Papercut" by zedd ft Troye Sivan.

    Today was angel's birthday aka Troye Sivan's birthday!

    So I made a little gift for Troye Sivan :)

    I spent 10 hours of editing and approaching people to tweet the papercut lyrics.

    I organized all of this tweet and work hard for this little tiny gift for troye, and hopefully he's watching this.

    I insert a lot of effort and drink 5 mugs of coffee to finish this.

    Troye if you're watching this and reading this caption,
    Thank you so much for giving me so much smiles and laughs from your videos! Your videos make my life even more better and more fun.

    Also because of Troye, I have so many friends all around the world so Im so thankful that this little tiny 20 baby man boy named Troye Sivan exist and enter my life.

    I love you so so so so so much troye and you don't know how much you mean to me.

    Thank you, I love you, and continue to bring smiles, happiness and laugh from all over the world.

    -Lea xoxo

    (Special thanks to those people who cooperates for this video)
    audrey, cara, jennifer, annika , graciela, gwen, rianna, nina, justina,andrea, ginny, louise, katie, jess, sahar, reem chris and many so much more +++


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