Letter M Paper Quilling Video Demonstration PART 1

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    Hello and welcome to another video tutorial from Discover Quilling Channel.
    In this video I will show you how to create a letter using strips of paper.

    Paper quilling is the art of curling paper.

    It's a very cool way to spend time and get beautiful results.

    You will need a frame and a thicker paper where you will glue your letter.

    I printed letter M on a sheet of paper then using a pencil I copied the shape of the letter on my card.

    Then I used an eraser to erase lines too obvious considering the fact that we need only a shadow of the letter M.

    You do not have to delete all the drawing.

    I used sheets of colored paper that I cut using a paper guillotine.

    The sheets of paper are slightly thick, not thin like paper copier.

    The strips of paper are 1.5 cm wide.

    In this project, I use three shades of blue.

    You'll need a good glue, especially for paper, cardboard or crafts.

    The glue that I use is very good, it dries quickly and transparently.

    I use tweezers to help me handle the strips of paper and so I can bend them nicely.

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