Bridgit's Quilling Apple blossom - Part 1 (Tutorial)

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    Spring time is blossom time - the new cycle begins - new life will be created.
    Everything blooms in all sorts of colors, in my video Bridgits Quilling apple blossoms, I would like to refer to the many fruit trees, whether apples, pears, cherries, plum or almond trees all bloom in spring with its numerous of blossoms, to attract the many insects and bees.

    This work has given me a lot of joy, the soft colors were just now at this time a very special treat for body and soul and in my daily walks with my dog, I took the flowering time this year even more intense perceive than usual.

    My video has become a little long, but it was important to me, to give all the steps that it needs in detail.

    But I hope that the suitable music from John Adorney compensates the long video time.

    In my video you can find some new techniques, for example how to produce as simple as possible and with little effort, many blossom or how to make blossoms freely in their various colors.

    In this video, I have focused primarily only on apple blossoms you will find also some photos from nature apple blossoms to hold the originality of their colors.

    But the techniques that I use in this video, you can also use for pear, cherry, plum or almond blossoms, they're similar in shape, only the colors have to be chosen differently.

    In my second video (Part 2) you can see how I did this.

    The blossoms are suitable for many decorative objects, whether as a table decoration, to decorate gifts or just simply to beautify your apartment or house.

    My Quilling apple blossoms are decorating now my spring door wreath, so they bloom a little longer for me than in nature.


    Now you can download my new Quilling projects as PDF instructions.

    In the PDF instructions, you will finde for example all details on materials, shapes, sizes and a detailed instructional descriptions as well as a few photos.
    Here you can find the link to download (Bridgits Quilling apple blossoms - PDF instructions):üten-pdf-english.pdf?t=1463821507

    If you have any questions, please feel free to write me a comment.

    Now I hope you enjoy the video.

    Im Bloom from John Adorney
    Swept Away from John Adorney
    Whisper from John Adorney
    All Is Well-9037 from John Adorney

    English PDF instructions:üten-pdf-english.pdf?t=1463821507
    Deutsche PDF Anleitung:üten-deutsch.pdf?t=1463821485


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