Daily Origami: 731 - Magic Ball by Yuri Shumakov

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    How to make an the origami Magic Ball by Yuri Shumakov.
    Origami: Magic Ball
    Designed By: Yuri Shumakov
    Made By: Heather
    Today's origami lesson is seven hundred and thirty-one in the series.

    This origami is challenging in that it takes patience to make the pre-creases and it takes a long time to get it all collapsed.

    But if you take care in all of your steps you will find it to not be as difficult as it seems.

    I used paper that was 34 x 17 cm.

    You always need a rectangular paper that is 2:1 in size.

    Best of luck to all! There are so many ways to make this and some great tutorials on YouTube that show different techniques.

    I know that jonakashima has a couple of great tutorials on this project, one of which he just recently uploaded.

    His approach is a little different than mine, but I think it is great to check out both and find which way works better for you.

    (Maybe a combination of both?)
    Today marks my two-year anniversary of making origami tutorials.

    This is an origami that I have been wanting to do for a while and was happy to be able to make it on this special day.

    Thanks to everyone for watching! Make sure to check out the special video celebrating two years that included an origami paper GIVEAWAY!
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