how to make a paper ninja star step by step (tutorial) origami shuriken

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    how to make a paper ninja star step by step (tutorial) origami shuriken
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    1-2 peaces of paper with two different colors
    these are the steps of how to make a paper ninja star :

    1st step :Fold one corner of each paper to form a 90 degree
    triangle, going to the edge of the paper and then crease
    and cut the remaining button segment.

    2nd step :fold the two square paper down in half two times
    making two thinner rectangles and then Fold the two
    rectangles in half the short way.

    3rd step :Unfold them and use The crease in the middle of each
    rectangle to Fold one side of each rectangle straight up
    and the other side down and Make the two pieces MIRROR IMAGES of each

    4th step :Flip the pieces over and form 90 degree triangles
    again with the corners on each side forming two letters (z,s)

    5th : Flip one of the two pieces onto it's back
    compared to the other piece and place the piece that looks like
    two large triangles on the top of the other piece cross-ways

    6th step:Fold the small triangles on the bottom piece into the openings
    on the top piece Flip over and repeat on the opposite side
    completing the ninja star

    7th step :this step is optional you can ignore it if you want.
    using Scissors you can cut a triangle shape at the edges of the
    four angles of the star forming a new style of paper ninja star.

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