DIY Origami Butterfly Room Decor

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    In this DIY room decor tutorial I show how to make a cute origami butterfly.

    All you need to make the origami butterfly is a square piece of paper and regular tape to stick the paper butterfly on your wall in your room for one of the cutest room decorating ideas ever (DIY butterfly wall decor)! This paper butterfly is really easy to make and I show how to fold the origami butterfly step by step.

    This easy origami is perfect for children or teenagers as these paper butterflies are a fantastic room decorating ideas, perfect for beginners and I am sure you will be folding paper and sticking butterflies on your wall as a wall decor after you watch this DIY paper folding room decor tutorial.

    The paper butterfly only takes about two minutes to make.

    Such a simple Origami! You can make this easy origami butterfly from a normal white A4 piece of paper or you can use a special origami paper.

    Origami paper is thin and very easy to fold, which makes creating origami animals a bit easier.

    I made several butterflies from pink, burgundy red and zebra patterned paper.

    I decided to use the paper butterflies for room decoration.

    Origami can be an awesome idea for room decor! This room decorating idea can be perfect for small room or a big room, kids, children or teenagers of all ages.

    Butterflies are perfect as DIY wall decor, and they instantly give a more spring feel to the room.

    You can also stick them on windows or you can decorate presents.

    Especially in these spring months, paper butterflies look perfect everywhere.

    This origami butterfly is origami master Yoshi Zawa's best known paper butterfly.

    Since it is so easy and simple to make, perfect for children, beginners or anyone interested in paper folding, this butterfly is the logo of the International Origami Center.

    The origami center was founded by JoshiZawa to spread friendship and peace through origami.

    And his paper butterfly is so well known that it became traditional!

    Origami is the traditional Japanese art of paper folding.

    I love the fact that you can create many different animals, flowers and other things just from a piece of paper.

    I hope you like this paper butterfly and let me know if you would like to see more cute paper folds! DIY Origami is extremely popular, especially since everyone can make beautiful 3d or other paper shapes at home!

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