Origami Flower - Easy Paper Flowers!

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    Paper is all you need to make an origami flower - paper flowers.

    This DIY or Room Décor flower is very easy to make, perfect for origami beginners.

    I show DIY origami flower step by step, so it is very easy to follow.

    I love room decorating ideas and these cute paper flowers brighten up and bring that spring feel to your room.

    Origami is a traditional art of paper folding.

    This origami flower room décor DIY is incredibly easy to fold, perfect for children or kids of any age.

    Paper flowers can also be your savior.

    Especially if you forgot to buy a little present or a gift to your loved ones on their special occasion, like birthday, mother's day or anniversary.

    Two pieces of paper, few minutes to fold them and you end up with pretty origami flower.

    I love tulip flowers, but I am thinking to show you how to make origami rose too.


    In this DIY room décor tutorial I show how to fold two easy flower tulips out of paper.

    A 2D flower and a 3D flower.

    Both are very easy to make! You need two pieces of paper.

    One for the tulip bloom and the other for the stem.

    When you fold both, you can glue them together or attach them with a piece of a tape.

    I've made 6 origami paper flowers, orange, red and yellow ones.

    Which origami tulips are your favorite? First or Second of the two room decorating ideas? Also, let me know if you would like to see more easy origami or room decorating ideas for beginners, I'll show them step by step as this tutorial, so you'll be able to follow too! I really enjoyed this paper flower making, I hope you will too!

    You can also DIY these adorable paper flowers and give them to your mom, grandmother, or someone else special on any day.

    They don't have to be origami rose, origami tulip work just as well! You don't need a reason like a birthday, anniversary or mother's day...

    The biggest reason is to say thank you, to say I love you.

    Let's all make this little flower and give them to someone special.

    Just to brighten their day! I gave one to my mom and she loved it!

    Help me translate this DIY: https://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?v=1h-RK3YlfxE

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