How to Make a Ninja Star (Shuriken) - Origami - Easy Step by Step Instructions - Easiest - Best

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  • Uploaded 4 years ago in the category Origami Video Tutorials

    How to make a Ninja Star.

    This video will show you simply how to make an easy ninja star out of paper using origami folding.

    You will need 2 pieces of regular or origami paper and a pair of scissors if you are using regular paper.

    Do steps 1-8 for 2 pieces of paper.

    I recommend doing them both at the same time so that you can be sure of symmetry.

    Step 1: 0:26 Fold the paper diagonally and trim off the edge and unfold the papers.

    Notice that the 2 papers can be placed as mirror images.

    Step 2: 1:26 Fold the paper down to create a middle crease, unfold.

    Step 3: 1:49 Fold the paper into a "Letter I shape" by folding the top and bottom into the middle and then folding along the middle fold.

    Step 4: 2:45 Fold the Letter I in half the long way and then unfold.

    Notice the diagonal crease inside near the middle fold.

    Step 5: 3:15 Make a "seahorse shape" by turning the ends in toward the middle folding along the diagonal crease from step 4.

    Do the same with the opposite end to create a seahorse shape.

    **You should now have 2 mirror image seahorses, made from your 2 original pieces of paper.

    Step 6: 4:17 Turn your seahorses over.

    Step 7: 4:28 Fold the squares at the ends in toward the middle to make triangles and create a "Letter Z"

    Step 8: 5:33 Fold the triangles you just made another time along the edge of the paper.

    Do this to both ends to make a "Diamond Shape"

    Step 9: 6:28 Place the 2 folded Diamonds together so that they are hugging each other.

    Step 10: 6:49 Tuck the ends of the triangles into the flaps in the diagonal centre.

    Do this for all 4 flaps.

    If there is no place to tuck the ends, you did not follow step 5 correctly.

    Ta da!!! A ninja star! 8:14

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