Papercraft Origami kusudama flower instruction - How to make an origami kusudama flower

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    Watch Papercraft Origami kusudama flower instruction - How to make an origami kusudama flower [Author: origamiasapie] In this clip, I will tell you a simple way to make an origami kusudama flower.

    You can follow this clip on my Youtube channel: The Japanese Kusudama, as known as medicine ball, is a paper ball that is usually created by sewing multiple identical pyramidal units together through their points to form a spherical shape with many petals.

    The meaning of Kusudama is just like its name (The word itself is a combination of two Japanese words: “kusuri” means Medicine, and “tama” means Ball).

    This ball is considered as a medicine to pray for some one to quickly recover as well as to wish the family members good health.

    Nowadays, Kusudama is typically known only as a gift or a decoration.Please follow the kusudama flower origami below (this guide is so easy!) Notice: in this origami instruction video, we have subtitles in English (US), Español, Francés, Deutsch, العربية, Português.

    Please turn it on -------------------- 00:06 - To make an origami Kusudama-Flower , we need a 15*15 cm paper 00:58 - 2nd step: Fold the triangle’s bottom two corners of up to its point.

    You should now have formed a square.

    00:13 - In the 1st step: Start with your paper coloured side up.

    Fold in half, then in half again, as shown.

    Crease well, then open out again.

    01:20 - 3rd step: Fold each previous fold backwards halfway.

    The back-folded back edges should line up with the edges of the “square” underneath.

    02:04 - 4th step: Expand the triangles you folded in the previous step.

    02:38 - 5th step: Turn the paper over.

    02:44 - 6th step: Tuck in the triangular point sticking out on the left side..

    03:12 - 7th step: Repeat with the triangular point on the right side.

    03:38 - 8th step: Turn the paper over again.

    03:43 - 9th step: Fold the left- and rightmost corners inward along the creases that already exist.

    04:15 - 10th step: Glue the top of the folded flaps where indicated by the image.

    04:52 - 11th step: Bring the folded flaps together, fastening them in place.

    05:31 - 12th step: Make four more of these.

    05:54 - 13th step: Apply glue to the central seam of each piece.

    06:13 - 14th step: Begin pressing the pieces together.

    06:42 - 15th step: Continue adding pieces until you’ve assembled the entire flower.

    06:55 - 16th step: Use paperclips to hold the petals together.

    08:42 - 17th step: Wait for the glue to dry completely before removing the paperclips.

    09:00 - And now we have finished making an origami Kusudama-Flower ----------------- How does your paper kusudama flower look? Let's share it now!

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