Papercraft Biggest Origami Flower Making

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    Watch Papercraft Biggest Origami Flower Making [Author: rr_quit27] Songs: Hope - Twista Ft.

    F.Evans The Worlds Greatest - R.

    Kelly Project Description: The team is made up of Computer Science students from Mapúa Institute of Technology.

    In partial fulfillment of the requirements of the course MGT104: Project Management, the students were asked by Prof.

    Norman A.

    Garcia to do any project that involves any contribution to society.

    The teams conducted brainstorming sessions in order to come up with an appropriate project.

    Valentines Season was nearing, which made the team decide to do a project for patients suffering from heart disease.

    Since flowers were usual gifts during the season, the team decided to make one of the biggest paper flowers in the world through the art of origami.

    Thoughts have been proven to have effects on the human body.

    This is supported by studies involving the placebo effect.

    This means that positive thoughts may improve ones health, while negative thoughts may do otherwise.

    Through this project, the team aims to encourage heart patients to have positive thoughts by making them realize that people care about them.

    This could give them thoughts of hope, encouragement, and inspiration, which would help them and their doctors in the effort to improve their health.

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