Papercraft Steampunk Robot DOG Papercraft Optical Illusion

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    Watch Papercraft Steampunk Robot DOG Papercraft Optical Illusion [Author: ProfessorCaTPardus] I recently was looking around on the web and stumbled upon some wonderful optical illusions made purely with paper craft.

    Then i happened to come across a picture of this wonderful steampunk like robot dog.

    When I saw how it could be easily created and would be a great addition to my humble steampunk workshop, I got to work.

    Now this fantastic little steampunk puppy holds a place up on one of my shelves to keep me company and keep a watchful eye on the workshop and my creations.

    :) Enjoy If you would like your own faithful companion trot on over to my blog:

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    Music - Tenebrous Brothers Carnival - Act Two

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