Overwatch Papercraft Project: D.va - Cutting Process

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  • Uploaded 2 years ago in the category Papercraft Building Process

    I finally figured out a way to record myself papercrafting! It's not exactly perfect, but I'll keep working with it till I get it right.

    For now enjoy this and if you have any video taking suggestions let me know!

    Actual time this all took was an hour, and that's not counting the time it took to glue all the template pieces on and I also already had the hair and skin cut before I started recording! That being said, D.va is one of the fastest overwatch characters I've done so far (maybe I'm just getting faster because of practice?).

    She doesn't have as many tiny details as say Roadhog did, so that could be why!

    Tumblr: ranebowstitches.tumblr.com
    Instagram: instagram.com/ranebowstitches

    My masterlist of finished characters (tumblr): https://tinyurl.com/jfuju6o

    At the time of posting this video, D.va isn't glued together/finished yet! Check in a few days for her~

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