Howl's Moving Castle- Papercraft

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    Hey, guys, it’s Tylee here!
    In this video, I’ll be working on Howl’s Castle From the Studio Ghibli Movie "Howl’s Moving Castle".

    This project took me about 4 to 5 days

    I began with putting together the inner base shape of the castle.

    •I then Continued with building on the details of the castle.

    Along with the houses and facial features of the castle, putting these tiny rooms together was really fun for me.

    Going into this project, I couldn’t even imagine how detailed it was.

    I literally had to build the tiny eyes of the castle without going cockeyed myself.

    The roof and walls of the little houses were layers put together with tiny doors that are about 1/3rd the size of your pinky.

    All the thought and imagination that went into this was amazing, and adorable.

    My favorite part of this movie was the amount of imagination that went into it.

    To have one door with the ability that opens up to any place you wish to be is amazing.

    If you're like Howl, you would hide!

    * I had so much fun with this project and the intricate details that went into it.

    •The part that I loved was placing the houses and facial features together on the front of the castle.

    With these details, it’s what makes the castle really come life.

    It seems Sophie has her work cut out for her with cleaning the castle.

    At least Markl and Turnip head helped out.

    Let me know what you guys think in the comments below!

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    There’s so much more I’d like to share with you guys!

    As Sophie says “They say that the best blaze burns the brightest when circumstances are at their worst”

    Until next time!
    Love you guys!

    Edited By: Yascear Deolall
    Music from the Studio Ghibli Movie OST:
    "Howl's Moving Castle"- Joe Hisaishi
    "Merry go round of life"
    "Cave of mind"
    "Promise of the world"(Piano Cover)

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