Manila Folder 777 - Main Landing Gear - Design+Build Time-lapse with Info! **60FPS**

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  • Uploaded 2 years ago in the category Papercraft Building Process

    Many people have asked how I design and build the parts for the manila folder 777 I'm putting together, and this video is perhaps the best answer yet.

    This covers the design and build process for the main landing gear, and was made from almost 130 hours of raw footage.

    If you aren't a huge fan of the screencap section, skip to the 13 minute mark to see me cut and assemble the parts.

    I've included running counters to show elapsed time, as well as component descriptions and parts counts during the build process.

    Hopefully this gives a better idea of the sheer amount of work that this project has entailed.

    I fully realize that the music won't be many people's cup of tea, but I felt that it was one of the few musical genres (drum+bass) that complimented the frenetic pace of the video.

    It's hard to find hour-long mixes that lend themselves to the source footage, and this worked out quite well.

    For those that find it annoying, there's always the mute button ;)

    Pictures of the gear:

    Gear Stats:
    •3 months' work between design and build (early June - early September).

    About a month per side.
    •Over 200 hours of work total (design+build).
    •Over 1,000 parts per side (not including the wheels), for a total well over 2,000.

    Video Stats:
    •Over 600GB of raw footage/130 hours.
    •Editing took 2 weeks.
    •Video was sped up 100-200x.
    •Produced in Final Cut and Motion.
    •Assembly was filmed with a Canon Vixia HF100/final shot was filmed with a Sony NEX-7 (18-55mm kit lens).

    Hospitalised - 10 Years of Hospital Records
    Various Artists
    Mixed by London Elektricity

  • manilafolder777mainlandinggeardesign+buildtimelapseinfo!**60fps**