The making of Noor - Paper cutting

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    This Video is part of the process of making Noor.

    To see the finished version click on the link:

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    (SOLD) NOOR means light.

    Our worlds are encompassed and enveloped in light or the want of it.

    We quest and crave for that wondrous glow all our lives.

    Then we meet someone who exudes such luminescence that we have no option but to light up.

    This piece was inspired on a special request for someone who illuminates the space with their warmth and energy.

    NOOR is a visual burst of rays of light reimagined in the symmetries of traditional Islamic geometric patterns.

    Consisting of 8 layers of hand-cut design, each layer gradually cuts away to make way for the other.

    Each layer is spaced apart, so that when observed from different angles, the artwork looks completely different.

    The whole construction is then warped to give movement and flow to the piece.

    Artwork is 6" x 6" and made completely out of paper.

    Framed in a 6" by 6" deep wooden frame encased in glass.

    Signed by artist in the front and back.

    This art is unique and is the only piece made.
    It is protected from dust and elements.

    Beautifully gift wrapped in a box.

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