ABC TV | How To Make Brazilian Button Paper Flower From Crepe Paper - Craft Tutorial

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    Brazilian button flower is a special tree, plant smells like pineapple, with buds like acorns and blooms like thistles, it's also known as: larkdaisy, Brazilian bachelor's button, centratherum, lark daisy, porcupine flower.

    It is belong to genus Centratherum in Sun flower or Daisy family.

    It is native plant to Philippine, America and Australia introduced subtropical region of the world as a ornament and now naturalized throughout Asian countries including India and Sri Lanka.

    The plant consider as Invasive weed but sometime grow as a ornamental plant Because it's beautiful inflorescence.

    The Brazilian Daisy is commonly found on road sideways, edge of small forest or waste land.

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    Material for Flower Making:
    - Crepe paper made in Italy 140gsm
    - Dark green floral tape
    - Scissors, white glue, floral wire.
    - Alcohol pens, dental floss.

    I can't know exactly what information about this flower in your country, can you help me add more information in the link below, thank you very much:

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