Easiest Way To Make Paper Ninja Star (Shuriken) - How-To Easy Origami Tutorial

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    Easiest Way To Make Paper Ninja Star (Shuriken) - How-To Easy Origami Tutorial

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    In this paper ninja star tutorial I am using:

    ▶ 2 pcs origami paper (6 inches x 6 inches)

    Step 1.

    Position both papers side by side as shown.

    Colors down, white-side up
    Step 2: Get one paper first.

    Fold paper in half diagonally.

    Repeat on the other piece of paper.

    Together, both papers should look like letter "V".

    Step 3: Unfold both papers.

    By following the previous step, your model should have 2 diagonal creases that looks like letter "V"
    Step 4: Take one paper, fold the paper in half horizontally.

    Repeat on the other piece of paper.
    Step 5: Unfold both papers.
    Step 6: Take one paper.

    Get the lower and upper part of the origami paper and fold towards the center crease as shown.

    Repeat on the other piece of paper.

    Step 7: Fold the models in half horizontally as shown.

    NOTE: Right now, you should have a similar model with the following creases (in dotted lines) as shown.

    Step 8: Take one model, and fold in half vertically.

    Repeat on the other piece of paper.
    Step 9: Unfold both models.

    Step 10: Take one model, following the crease fold the model
    towards the center crease as shown.

    Take the other side of the model and fold in the opposite direction.

    Repeat on the other piece of paper.

    NOTE: Together it should look like an inverted funnel.

    Step 11: Take both models and flip over.

    Position both models this way.

    Step 12: Follow the folds.

    Each model should have "zigzag" folds.

    NOTE: Together it should look like this.

    Step 13: Following the previous folds take the upper and lower
    part of each model and fold accordingly.

    Position as shown.
    Step 14: Take the model on the right and position it on top of the model on the left, as shown.

    Step 15: Take the lower part, fold upwards and tuck it in the little pocket.

    Step 16: Take the upper part, fold downwards and tuck it in.
    Step 17: Flip over.

    Step 18: Take the right part, fold to the left and tuck it in the small pocket.

    Step 19: Take the left part, fold to the right and tuck it in the little pocket.

    And your Paper Ninja Star is COMPLETE!

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