How to Make Origami Pig - Easy Origami Tutorial - DIY - Paper Folding Pig - Paper Craft

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    To get the Craft Haven Origami Paper follow this link: ▶ ▶ ▶

    How to Make Origami Pig - Easy Origami Tutorial - DIY - Paper Folding Pig - Paper Pig Instruction

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    In this origami pig tutorial I used:

    ▶ 2 pcs square papers
    ▶ glue

    I highly recommend using Craft Haven Origami Paper - 500 sheets per pack.
    Size: 6 inches by 6 inches
    Available on |


    Part 1 - BODY
    Step 1: Use one origami paper for the body of the pig.
    Step 2: Create a water bomb base.

    Start by folding the paper in half horizontally.

    Step 3: Fold the paper in half vertically.

    Step 4: Fold the paper in half diagonally.

    Step 5: Fold the paper in half diagonally on the other side: Unfold.
    Step 6: See this triangle at the bottom of the model? Use that as the base.

    Take the left and right triangles and bring them together, and squash the top triangle down.

    NOTE: Remember the first 6 steps.

    The result is called: THE WATER BOMB BASE.

    Step 7: Assuming there is an imaginary line as shown.

    Fold the top of triangle downward.
    Step 8: Position model this way:
    Step 9: Open the model, and squash fold as shown:
    Step 10: Following the previous crease, fold the model in half horizontally.
    Step 11: Assuming there is an imaginary line here, fold it backwards.

    The body of the pig origami is now COMPLETE.

    Part 2 - HEAD
    Step 1: Take the other origami paper.

    Fold in half horizontally.
    Step 2: Take the upper flap of the paper and fold in half as shown.
    Step 3: Turn the model over and fold the paper in half as shown.
    Step 4: Take this upper flap, and fold.

    Repeat the same on the on the other side of the model.
    Step 5: Unfold the last two folds.

    Following the creases open the flaps, expand and squash it down.
    Step 6: For the snout, fold the tip and do a reverse fold.
    Step 7: For the ears, fold towards the nearest crease.
    Step 8: Fold the model following the imaginary line as shown.
    Step 9: Unfold the last fold, and do a reverse fold.
    Step 10: Draw some eyes, nose and mouth.
    Step 11: Following the imaginary line as shown, fold the bottom part of the neck and do a reverse fold so the neck fits the body of the pig.
    Step 12: Add the head to the pig's body.

    Position the head.
    Step 13: Glue the body and head together to keep them both in place, always.


    Origami Pig is COMPLETE!

    I hope you enjoy this art! Enjoy origami! And enjoy paper folding! Please like, comment and share if you like this video!

    Don't forget to share this to your family and friends!

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