Miniature Paper Craft - Howl's Moving Castle みにちゅあーとキット ハウルの動く城ハッター帽子店作り

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    How to make a Miniature Paper Craft - Howl's Moving Castle.

    Sankei Miniatuart kiti - STUDIO GHIBLI Howl's Moving Castle
    1/150 Scale
    Miniatuart kit is a paper craft relatively easy to make even for those who have never made miniatures.
    You will need a utility knife, tweezers, ruler and glue.
    You don't even need paint as the paper is colored.

    さんけい みにちゅあーとキット スタジオジブリ ハウルの動く城ハッター帽子店作り(ペーパークラフト)

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