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    Do you know that a software for origami design? In this video, I will teach how to use TreeMaker!
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    Disclaimer: Sorry for terrible voice because i using earphone to record my voice.
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    TreeMaker is a program for the design of origami bases.

    You draw a stick figure of the base on the screen; each stick in the stick figure (the "tree") will be represented by a flap on the base.

    You can also place various constraints on the flaps, forcing them to be corner, edge, or middle flaps, and/or setting up various symmetry relationships (forcing pairs of flaps to be symmetric about a line of symmetry of the paper, for example).

    Once you have defined the tree, TreeMaker computes the full crease pattern for a base which, when folded, will have a projection (roughly speaking, its "shadow") equivalent to that specified by the defining tree.

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