ABC TV | How To Make Poppy Paper Flower From Crepe Paper - Craft Tutorial

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    Few flowers played such an important role in religion, mythology, politics, and medicine as the Poppy.

    It's a symbol of Morpheus, the Greek god of dreams.

    It has native in Europe and North Asia, and the Belgians love to be the symbol of their country.
    During the Victorian times, people use flowers to send coded messages - thus they assigned meanings for each flower.

    As for the poppy, the general Victorian meanings are imagination and eternal sleep.

    But this would actually change depending on the color of the poppy that was given since there are a lot of color varieties for the poppy.

    For example, the red poppies mean pleasure, white poppies means consolation and yellow poppies on the other hand represents success.
    If you go over to China, you will find out that the poppy has a romantic meaning for lovers.

    It actually signifies the loyalty and faith given to each other.

    As for Roman tradition, it is said that this flower can heal a broken heart and that it is widely used in the practice of witchcraft.

    On the other hand, for ancient Greek, poppies are important for athletes because it is believed to bring strength and vitality.

    So the Greek athletes were given a mixture of wine, honey and poppy seeds for consumption.

    Ancient Greek woman also uses poppies as love charms because they believe that it is a sign of fertility.
    For war veterans, the poppy is used to honor their lost brothers who bravely risked their lives in the battlefield.

    This originated during the Napoleonic wars where poppies bloomed in the Flanders Field.

    It is believed that the blood of the soldiers had caused the red poppies to bloom - and some took it as a sign that finally the war is over.
    Christians however gave it another meaning during the medieval time.

    They said that it represents the Christian belief where they rest in anticipation for the coming of the Last Day.

    They even carved the flower poppies into their benches to remind their parishioners about it.

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    Material for Flower Making:
    - Fine crepe paper made in Italy 60g
    - Floral tape
    - Scissors, white glue, floral wire, hot glue gun
    - Hippie powder, clear tube, pipe cleaner.

    I can't know exactly what information about this flower in your country, can you help me add more information in the link below, thank you very much:

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