Quilling flowers 3D Hyacinthe (Part 1) Tutorial

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    In my new Video tutorial Bridgit’s 3D Hyacinthe I will show you step by step how to make this wonderful flower.

    I have done this video in two parts.

    In part 1 you can see how to make the flower.

    To make the flower and leaves more realistic I have bleached the strips to get the right colors I needed.

    In my video tutorial for bleaching strips you can see how to do this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UW8dDe9YZfk&t=66s
    To glue the petals I would like to advice to you a very good glue which keeps the flower in shape and its very easy to handle.

    Here you can find more informations about this glue, which is called UHU MULTI PURPOSE ADHESIVE twist & glue:

    In part 2 I will show you a very new technique how to make this realistic steam and leaves made out of lots of 2mm strips which are glued and processed in a very special way together.

    The leaves are especially in the first 24 hours very flexible and elastic and can be very well shaped.

    After that, the glue hardens, but they are still able to be bend.

    If you have any questions to both videos (part 1 & 2) please feel free to write me a comment.

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    New glue-mixture you can also use this instead of the UHU glue, please watch my Video tutorial Plumeria and Daisies there you can see how tho use it:

    You need normal white glue, water and alcohol 70% vol.

    The alcohol with such high percent you have to buy special.

    Here in Switzerland we only get it from the pharmacy without recipe and it’s called ethanol.

    I do not know in your country where you can get it, you will have to ask (family members, friends etc.)

    Then you mix:
    1/2 part of alcohol 70% vol.

    (minimum, can be also more)
    1 part of water
    2 parts of white glue

    For example:
    10ml of alcohol 70% vol.

    (minimum, can be also more)
    20ml of water
    40ml of white glue

    If you have any questions, just write me a comment, thanks.

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