Origami Eiffel Tower (Robin Glynn)

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  • Uploaded 3 years ago in the category Origami Video Tutorials

    How to make an origami Eiffel Tower, designed by Robin Glynn
    Presented here by Jo Nakashima with permission of the creator

    Difficulty level: hard
    My paper: 35cm x 35cm origami paper (before trimming)

    Some hints:
    - Be patient.

    Fold precisely.

    You'll probably spend over 4 hours to make this
    - Use a large sheet of paper (35cm x 35cm or more)
    - I don't recommend thick paper for this model.

    I managed to fold it using Tant too, but plain origami paper was a lot easier

    Not sure if you can make this? Try the mini simplified version:

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    http://www.facebook.com/JoOrigami .

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