Origami Lotus Flower with 1 Square of Paper - Easy Tutorial

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    Learn how to make this beautiful origami lotus flower, it takes only 7 minutes and you just need 1 square piece of paper.

    This paper lotus flower (or water lily flower) has a pyramid shaped bud, 3 petals and 6 leaves.

    It is very easy to fold, so you can make lots of lotus flowers to put in the blue pond of your traditional origami frogs.


    To make your water lily, just grab a square of paper and follow the easy step by step origami lotus flower instructions of the video.

    Even though the flower has a triangular and hexagonal shape (3 petals and 6 leaves), it is made from a square and not a triangle or hexagon.

    It's best to use origami paper with different colors or patterns on each side, so that the lotus blossom and petals have a different color than the lotus leaves.

    In the video, I use standard "kami" origami paper, with one colored side and one white side.

    The size I use is 15x15 cm (about 6 inches).

    Important note: this origami lotus flower is an original origami model designed by Stéphane Gigandet and protected by copyright laws.

    Do not publish videos, tutorials, diagrams, instructions etc.

    that show how to fold the lotus flower, and instead link to this video or embed it.

    You can of course show the finished lotus flower in your videos, social media etc.

    Just not how to fold it.

    Thank you!

    If you fold this origami nymphea flower, could you send me pictures (to stephane@origami.plus) so that I can add them to https://origami.plus and show them in the next videos? Thank you very much!

    I designed this original origami lotus flower while creating new pyramid pixels and modules to make origami mosaics and kusudamas.

    There are many possible variations.

    In the video, I show one of them: a lotus flower with an inverted pyramid and a smaller pyramid inside.

    I will show you how to fold it in a next video.

    Speaking of which, at the beginning of the video I'm showing some of the latest origami models that I created.

    Can you leave a comment to tell me which ones you like and which one I should do a tutorial for first?

    Thank you very much and happy lotus folding! :-)

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