Bridgit’s Quilling Acorns

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  • Uploaded 3 years ago in the category Quilling Video Tutorials

    In this video Bridgit’s Quilling Acorns
    I will show you step by step how to create these acorns.

    If you like to make some nice paper Oak leaves to it
    then watch my two videos:
    Bridgit’s paper leaves (part 1) Basic Information’s tutorial
    Bridgit’s paper leaves (part 2) Oak leaves tutorial

    If you have any questions to the videos please feel free to write me a comment.

    Tutorial & Explainer Background from e-soundtrax - Oscar Espinosa
    Inspire-5027-RFR from e-soundtrax - Oscar Espinosa
    Cinematic Documentary Atmosphe from e-soundtrax - Oscar Espinosa
    Clean Corprate from e-soundtrax - Oscar Espinosa
    Inspiring-5027 from e-soundtrax - Oscar Espinosa
    Beauty inspiration from e-soundtrax - Oscar Espinosa

    Here you will find all my quilling works and lots of Information all about Quilling



    New glue-mixture:
    You need normal white glue, water and alcohol 70% vol.

    The alcohol with such high percent you have to buy special.

    Here in Switzerland we only get it from the pharmacy without recipe and it’s called ethanol.

    I do not know in your country where you can get it, you will have to ask (family members, friends etc.)

    Then you mix:
    1/2 part of alcohol 70% vol.

    (minimum, can be also more)
    1 part of water
    2 parts of white glue

    For example:
    10ml of alcohol 70% vol.

    (minimum, can be also more)
    20ml of water
    40ml of white glue

    If you have any questions to the glue-mixture, just write me a comment, thanks.

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