PAPERCUT 2 short film "CHUCK's NEW JOB"

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    PAPERCUT 2 short film "CHUCK's NEW JOB"

    "Chuck's New Job" takes place after the events of PAPERCUT 2.

    "Chuck's New Job" was shot in 3 days and took a month to edit.

    Music was completed within a few weeks.

    All special effects were created and rendered by Bryan Sanders.

    This short film pays homage to the movie "Ghostbusters", the cartoon "Extreme Ghostbusters", "Ghostbusters: The Video Game", and Hank Braxtan's "Return of the Ghostbusters" feature film.

    Papercut 2, an original story about two young lovers while paying homage to and parodying pop culture, video games, and 80's movies.

    Made by fans, for fans.


    Directed By: Bryan Sanders

    Written By: Bryan Sanders

    Executive Producers: Bryan Sanders, Eric Sanders

    Edited By: Bryan Sanders

    Music By: Chris Lott

    Bryan Sanders
    Ian McIntosh
    Jesse Sosa
    Nick Schueren

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