Paper craft for kids. Origami dragon. Оrigami for kids

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    Hi friends! Do you like making with us paper crafts? Today we’ll make a paper dragon.

    The dragon is made in origami style.

    Have you already made easy origami for kids? Then you sure will easily make the dragon.
    To make the dragon you’ll need 8 to 10 paper squares.
    All the squares are folded similarly, as you can see in our video.

    Then the squares are united.

    If you don’t want the dragon to disintegrate you better glue it’s parts.
    Do you want to see how to make a crocodile from ordinary A4 sheet of paper?
    And have you already seen little paper elephant?
    We also have in stock paper giraffes and origami butterflies.
    Join David Marseilles Creative School, we have many creative ideas.
    See you!

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