Coolest Origami EVER!!!!

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  • Uploaded 3 years ago in the category Origami Video Tutorials

    A lot of ppl dont read the description....and they're always like....woooow u must be so cool and awesome to be able to make all that.

    Lets me conform this....I DID NOT MAKE any of those.

    Im not that awesome! Or i wish i am...but im still very cool though...hahhaha..just kidding! :P
    Ooh many ppl asked for the title of the song
    so this song called dagawa (come closer)
    performed by chae yeon.
    By the way, dont call me "he", Im a girl :D

    Ooh ooh...the last part arent origami...those are fingers....cause i ran out of origami picts so i just stick them there....but i thought the fingers are cute and creative though.

    Check out my other Origami Vid :P

  • coolestorigamiever!!!!