Origami Block T-rex v2 (Jo Nakashima) - Dinosaur #3

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  • Uploaded 2 years ago in the category Origami Video Tutorials

    How to make an origami T-Rex, designed by Jo Nakashima

    Difficulty level: low intermediate

    This is an action model and can drop an egg (or something else)! The egg in this video is a Pandora's Box (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sy3t8ogJYls) (a little stretched)
    My paper is 4,5cm x 27cm (the Pandora's box is 6cm x 6cm)
    Use paper colored on both sides

    Need help to cut the rectangle and pre-crease grid? Check out this video:

    Version 1:

    My Facebook Page:
    http://www.facebook.com/JoOrigami .

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