Lucky Star: How to make a paper Lucky Star - Easy Origami Instructions

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  • Uploaded 3 years ago in the category Origami Video Tutorials

    Here's how to make a paper Lucky Star.
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    The paper I am using is 1cm x 21cm, but you can use longer.

    Remember to tie the knot at the start, tuck in the end and keeping wrapping the paper round.

    Just tuck the other end in when you're done.

    Pinching the sides at the end takes a bit of practice!

    Do a few and it gets easier.

    It usually takes a few tries to make a nice star :).

    They are very relaxing to do and make cool gifts for your friends and family.

    You can decorate them with cute little faces :) or write messages or wishes in them.

    There are some lovely pre cut paper strips (they are sold cheaply online - lucky star paper) or make your own.

    Have fun making lucky stars! :)

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