Back to School Craft - Origami Cat Pencil Topper - Origami Finger Puppet - Cat Paper Crafts

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    In this video, I'll show you how to make an Origami Cat Pencil Topper, or Origami Finger Puppet! This paper cat makes a better finger puppet than a pencil topper since the opening at the bottom is quite wide, but it will fit a wide magic marker (or thick Sharpie) perfectly! This is a fun back-to-school craft before going back to school, especially for the paper cat craft lovers.

    ;-) Have a great school year! :-)

    The origami cat requires 1 sheet of square paper that is 3" x 3"
    I hope you enjoy this origami cat video!

    RedTedArt's (Maggy Woodley's) version of a Cat Pencil Topper using craft foam:

    Origami Cat Stacking Box (yes, I like cats, lol):

    Origami Cat Corner Bookmarks using Post-it® Notes:

    Design & Tutorial by Jenny W Chan,, Copyright 2015.

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