Jordan: Origami helps Syrian refugee find purpose in exile

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    Fadi Al Wali was a university student studying commerce, economics and accounting before he fled Dara’a October 2013.

    While at university in Damascus, he learned origami through his professor, and with the help of his friends, he started volunteering at a center for special needs children teaching origami and life skills workshops.

    Now at Za’atari refigee camp, Fadi is implementing what he’s learned form his teacher in Syria, to teach special needs children and other children origami.

    He believes origami is a great way for children to break the fear and shyness barriers, and is a creative way to learn new mental skills.

    Fadi's goal while at Za'atari is to build the biggest origami in the world to enter in the Guinness Book of Records.

    Fadi Al Wali Fled Syria in 2013 with 16 members of his family along with his pregnant wife, his 9 siblings and his 118-year old grandfather.

    They made it through the Syrian Jordanian border after a treacherous journey of three days and 14-hour walk across the desert to reach safety.

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