Asiana Airlines A320 Papercraft

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  • Uploaded 4 years ago in the category Papercrafts

    Hey guys! I reuploaded the video due to copyright issues but I fixed it.

    I added a brand new aircraft on my papercraft collections! Hope you like might like it! :)
    Don't forget to like, comment , and subribe and enjoy the video! :)


    Ps: I used a different song because the only available music from Asiana Airlines is copyrighted so I chose this...


    NOTE: As I say the music does not belong to me and all rights belong to Gold Typhoon Taiwan Company and ANA for the music.

    All images and music except for the actual papercraft does not belong to me.
    I did not Intend to Violate any rules and I am just a simple person doing papercraft vids so I have no intentions on stealing anything.

    No Copy Right violations has been intended!
    All rights reserved.

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