Bridgit's Quilling Scots pine branches (with NEW Quilling Zigzag Technique - Video 3)

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    In my video "Bridgit's Quilling Scots pine branches" I introduce the zig-zag comb technique.

    There are different comb-wrap techniques, here in this 1st part, I present a more specific wrap technique, I call it the On-Wrap.

    With this wrap you can create very long needle lengths for scots pine branches or large feathers.

    In my video you can follow step by step how I make these scots pine branches.

    You will also find useful tips and tricks.

    Further, I'll show you how you can add another scots pine branch to the main branch.

    It is worth to watch the whole video.

    Of course, I have presented you here three different scots pine branches as example sizes.

    Other sizes as well as shapes remain open to your own imagination.

    Experiment yourself and see what comes out of it.

    Below you will find a link to download a PDF file where you will find all the techniques described again.

    Here you will find the scots pine branches in three different sizes.


    pictures of the scots pine branches in original size.

    This new Quilling zigzag technique I present in various applications and in 5 different videos.

    Below you will find all 5 video and also how and for what you can use this zigzag technique.

    Just look in, it's definitely worth it.


    Video - Quilling Autumn Flower Bouquet (Introduction to zigzag spiral technique)


    Video - Quilling Fir branches (zigzag spiral "square" technique)


    Video - Quilling Scots pine branches (zigzag comb technique - Part 1)


    Video - Quilling Feathers (zigzag comb technique - Part 2)


    Video - Quilling Thuja branches (zigzag spiral "square" technique crimped stripes)

    If you have any questions, feel free to write me a comment.
    Now I wish you much fun with the video.


    Temple Journey Part 2 from Medwyn Goodall,

    ENGLISH: PDF Scots pine branches:

    ENGLISH: PDF Scots pine branches:


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